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About Lizelisabeth Art


Matur Suksme!

(Thank You!)

The fact that you clicked and reading this, it's beyond what I asked for.

Hi, I'm Elisabeth Paramita. But peeps call me Liz.

I bet you're wondering what's my story, so here they are:

On 2020 I got laid off from my job in Jakarta, which then led me to my decision to leave for Bali, the island i've been longing to live my entire life. Cut scene to 2021, here I am, diving deeper into my art world, the one that these past decades been only a side note to my life story. If you happened to follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love BEACH & SHORE. My only inspiration to paint (actively) since 5 years ago.

Additionally, with my heart always keen on house design and decor, and that I was on retail business for almost a decade, made me realized that my art (beach paintings) can take form into other functional objects. I know there are some beach and shore lover out there like me, who would love to spice up their house decor with beach art. The one that reminds you to take a break, sip some wine and relax. Or even, take an office leave for Bali beaches.

Now I'm calling myself 'a Resin Artist' for a living. Or 'a Painter', if I'm not in the mood for a long social chit chats. Either way, I hope my beach art can shore me up towards the years ahead.

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