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Incense in the Membrane

This moment definitely is a crazy one. Remind me of an old song, Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill. But, all we can do is try! And perhaps, on some hot hard day, we can meditate.

Tis very important to find your inner mind calm so you don't lose yourself to this pandemic.

I for once, meditate way more often this year. I once had panic attack on early year. The first time it ever happened to me. One day, just one day, i got crazy nausea, migraine, body sore, plus this throbbing hurt on the back of my neck. And it wasn't the virus, coz the day after i was healthy as a horse!

I don't do meditation on regular basis, but more as my body (or mind) tells me that i need to do it. But it leads me to crave more calm, and that relieved feeling after meditation. I strongly suggest you to take few minutes breath meditation to gather your mind. It's such a big help during this hard time.

Anyway, me personally, love to burn some incense sticks while meditate, coz the smell would ease my mind somehow. Or maybe, I just love the smell of ANY incense. I'm an incense sucker, really.

If you happened to be a fella incense sucker, well hey, I got you covered.

I've been searching high and low for great smell incense sticks, that burns rather slow, but has strong scent to fill my entire house. And the holder, that can cleanly gather the ashes of my two burning sticks.

Again, I got you covered. I need not say no more. :)

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