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2in1 Art and Function

Ok, here's the thing.

I made my art rather big on the Tray or Cutting Boards. It seems like you cannot do cutting duty on this functional piece of art that I made.

NO! I want you to have best of both worlds!

For small cutting duty, you can use the front (the side with beach art resin). Yet, whatever you do, don't cut on top of the resin. Well, just to avoid damage, scratches and scuffs.

For heavy knife duty, you can simply put a table cloth below and flip the board or tray.

Now you have all woods area for your kitchen magic!

Once done, you can wash with soap (use soft sponge), and dry with clean rag, just like your other kitchen utensils.

Don't forget to put the board on sight. Your eyes need to see more art, even on your kitchen! :)

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